Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Before There Was You - A Pregnancy Journal

For sale in the Etsy shop:

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Front cover. "Before There Was You" sticker and "A Pregnancy Journal" hand written in permanent ink.
When you open the first flap (the cover) it reads "Before" on the left side with room for a picture. Right side reads "Dr. Appts. Notes, Questions, Weights and Measures" hand sewn to notebook paper so you have room to keep track of all that important information.

When you open the right side it reveals the back of the bottom flap, which reads "What We Hope For you" on a raised sticker and the back of the right flap which reads "After".

When the bottom flap is folded down it reveals a fold out section for trimester pictures (a picture of that section is below) and the back of the top flap which reads "Changes" on a raised sticker.

Top flap open has a handmade envelope with a magnetic closure that reads "Keepsakes". Both the top and bottom flap have magnetic closures as well.

Trimester foldout with spaces for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester pictures.

Entire journal opened up with 2 pocket inserts (close up picture below).

Insert tags read "Advice from friends" and "All the name possibilities". Both have plenty of paper attached.
Back cover.